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Joana Fernandes Silva - foto Goncalo Lobo Pinheiro


Dancer and dance teacher

She graduated in Dance by Escola Superior de Dança of the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (ESD).

As a performer/teacher and creator, she integrated two inclusive dance projects, directed by Rafael Alvarez and produced by Fundação Liga. In co-creation with Olga Cunha and with the support of ESD, as a choreographer, performer and producer, she developed the project "In a Sea of things" with several performances in cities across Portugal.

Since 2011, she was part of the Amalgama Dance Company being in charge of various functions, including director assistant, Amalgama Movement monitor and dancer, integrating several national and international projects such as the Unitygate Cultural Exchange Platform. As a teacher, Joana has taught classes and workshops, for young people, adults and people with special needs in several places between Portugal, Macau and Austria.